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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Manage Group License Entitlement

Managing the definition of a License Entitlement is performed using the 'Group License Entitlement' screen, which will be shown when either the Add or Edit buttons are selected on the  Mange Group Details screen.

License Entitlements grants users of the current group the ability to 'check-out' floating licenses for the defined Product and License Type combination. Consider the example definition of user_group3.  Any user connecting to the Floating License Server using this group will have the ability to 'check-out' licenses the following products:

- Enterprise Architect Professional Edition

- Enterprise Architect Corporate Edition

- the Eclipse Integration Plugin

- Enterprise Architect Corporate Academic Edition

As can be seen in the example, License Entitlements are uniquely identified by a combination of Product and License Type.  Notice the two entitlements for the Corporate Edition, both regular and academic.

This is a Group License Entitlement screen in 'Add' mode:

This is a Group License Entitlement screen loaded with the Professional entitlement assigned to the example user_group3 group that is created when the PCS is first installed:




The name of product (Enterprise Architect edition or plugin) that this entitlement gives access to for users of the current group.


Determines if the current entitlement implies that academic licenses of the selected product are allowed for the current group.


A optional numeric value representing the maximum of concurrent users of the current group that can check-out License keys for the defined Product/License Type. 

The default is an empty value and represents that the definition imposes no limit to the number of license that can be checked out by the current group. 

This option if particularly useful if departments within a single company purchase their own floating licenses, groups can be setup for each department and a limit applied to restrict the group to the number of licenses that their department purchased.