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Connect to Registry via Cloud

Learning Center Library files can be held as assets in a Reusable Asset Service (RAS) registry, which you can access through a Cloud connection to the appropriate server, using the 'Cloud Connection' dialog. The access details for the server should be provided to you by your System Administrator or Reusable Asset Service Administrator.



Start > Help > Libraries > Download > Click on the Browse. button on the 'Registry' field

'Cloud Connection' dialog



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Type the name by which to refer to this model. The name does not have to match any values on the server, and will appear in the 'Registry' field in the 'Download Libraries' dialog.

Download Libraries


Click on the drop-down arrow and select a secure (https) or insecure (http) connection, as supported by the server you are connecting to. When you select the protocol, the Port will automatically be set to match the default for that protocol.


Type in the machine name (for example, '') or IP address (for example, of your server.


Define the Port number the service is listening on. This should match the settings in the configuration file on the server.

Note: For a server, the default settings will use Port 80 for http and Port 443 for https.

Model Name

Type in the name of the model available on the server.

This information will usually be provided by your system administrator.

Library Storage

Type in the name of the 'Learning Center Library' type Reusable Asset Service (RAS) storage, in the specified model, that contains Learning Center Library files.

This information will usually be provided by your system administrator.


Click on this button to fill the dialog fields with these default values:

  • Name : Sparx Systems Learning Center Library
  • Protocol : https
  • Server :
  • Port : 443
  • Model Name : Libraries
  • Library Storage : Libraries


Click on this button to return to the 'Download Libraries' dialog - the 'Registry' field in that dialog will now show the value you provided in the 'Name' field.


Click on this button to close the 'Cloud Connection' dialog and discard any entries you have made.


Click on this button to display this Help topic.

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