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Maintenance Diagram

A Maintenance diagram is a type of Custom diagram, an extension to the UML model. It is a change management tool, used to record:

  • Requests for change to the model structure or project process, as Change elements
  • Issues that impact the development and progress of the project, as Issue elements, and
  • Groups of tests that can be applied to many elements rather than specific elements, as Test Cases

Each Change, Issue or Test Case element can link to other model elements in the project, to illustrate how they contribute to or are impacted by the item, and how they must be modified, removed, applied or extended to provide a solution. This includes identifying areas of work, represented by Task elements, to which resources can be allocated as either external (Actor) elements or internal properties (resource allocation).

You generate Maintenance diagram elements and connectors from the 'Maintenance' pages of the Diagram Toolbox, although you might also make frequent use of connectors from other pages.

Example Diagram

Example Maintenance Diagram

Maintenance Diagram Element Toolbox Icons



See also

Package element

A Package is a namespace as well as an element that can be contained in other Package's namespaces.


Issue elements represent a failure to meet defined requirements for the current system.


This element represents a change in the defined requirements for the current system and can be used to request and manage the change process.

Task element

A Task element represents a task that must be performed in relation to an element.

Test Case element

A Test Case is a stereotyped Use Case element. You might use it to extend the facilities of the Testing window, by applying element properties and capabilities to the tests of a feature represented by another element or - more appropriately - set of elements.

Test Case

An Entity is a stereotyped Object that models a store or persistence mechanism that captures the information or knowledge in a system.

Maintenance Toolbox

A Test element represents a step in the Basic, Alternate and Exception Paths of a Scenario created in a Use Case or other element.

Test Element

The defect element represents an obstacle to meeting defined requirements for the current system.


The Review element acts as a focus for performing a formal review of one or more model elements. It defines the parameters of the review.


Maintenance Diagram Connector Toolbox Icons



See also

Aggregation connector

An Aggregation connector is a type of association that shows that an element contains or is composed of other elements.


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