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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Show Project Items in a Diagram

When you have created a Project item (Decision, Event, Effort, Risk, Metric), it is useful to make the record visible on its parent element. You can do this by displaying the record within a 'Project' compartment on the element as it displays in a diagram. Any element that is capable of displaying a compartment, and that has Project items assigned to it, can show the items in a diagram.

Note that:

  • An Event records the action taken for the current model element
  • A Decision records the choice taken for the current model element

Show Project Items in Project Compartment



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Open a diagram containing the element for which Project Items exist.


Double-click on the diagram background to display the diagram properties dialog. Click on the 'Elements' tab.

Define Element Characteristics


In the 'Show Compartments' panel, click on the 'Project' checkbox.


Click on the OK button.

Each Project Item now appears in the Project compartment of the element on the diagram. Items of each type are grouped together so that, for example, all Effort items on the element are grouped under the heading 'Effort', and all Risk items on the element are grouped under the heading 'Risk'.


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