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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Dynamic Charts

Enterprise Architect features DynamicChart Artifacts, which are Chart elements that can be styled and rendered dynamically when the diagram opens. Dynamic Charts rely completely on code to define their series, style and content and are managed entirely through the Automation Interface by clients - typically Plug-ins and scripts. The Chart interfaces provide clients with the means to dynamically describe and populate a Chart when the diagram is viewed. The API is wide ranging and flexible, allowing you to illustrate many different scenarios graphically at runtime. The feature allows you to define any type of Chart you require using JavaScript either as code or JSON.

A good reference for the Chart interfaces and their use is the Package 'Reporting > Charts > Dynamic Charts' in the Enterprise Architect Example Model. This Package contains examples of many Charts, each described dynamically by JavaScript clients. Each Chart example presents the two methods of rendering - a JavaScript coding method and a JSON datasource method.

Dynamic Charts are particularly useful for representing the results of Simulations, allowing you to:

  • Save the results of your Simulation as visual Chart elements
  • Easily include Charts populated by Simulation results in your reports
  • Share user-friendly Simulation results with stakeholders without requiring any additional Simulation tools

Dynamic Charts are available in the Corporate, Unified and Ultimate editions of Enterprise Architect.

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