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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Collaboration and Teams

An engineering team is multidisciplinary and consists of strategists, managers, system engineers, software engineers, testers and others. The commercial pressures to release a product or provide a solution means that teams have to work more cleverly and cohesively to ensure engineering outcomes. Enterprise Architect has been built from the ground up as a collaborative platform, not just for engineers but for all disciplines. It facilitates individuals and teams working together and sharing information, models, designs, and solutions with a full range of tools from discussions, reviews, a team library, and chat to Version Control and Baselines.

Discussions and Chat

Central to the notion of collaboration is a modeler's ability to discuss and chat with colleagues or industry and standards specialists about a problem or solution. Enterprise Architect allows engineers, managers, and others to discuss elements, diagrams, and connectors. Any modeler can create a post to start a thread or conversation that other modelers can enter into by replying. The discussions are kept separately from element and diagram meta-information, allowing you to make rich and constructive comments without affecting documentation or reports generated from the models. The discussions and chat are two options available, discussions from the Discuss & Review window and chats from the Chat & Mail window.

Chat is useful for quick and responsive communication with colleagues or experts that have been defined as part of a security defined group of users. Chats are not related to model elements in the way that discussions are but rather are global and when the Chat & Mail window is opened and a group is selected, the items are listed in date-time order. For more information see the Teams & Collaboration Help topic.