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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Import NIEM XML Schema

As well as generating NIEM schema in Enterprise Architect, you can import (reverse engineer) an external NIEM-specific XML Schema file into your Enterprise Architect project as a UML model.



Specialize > Technologies > NIEM > Import NIEM Schema

Specialize > Technologies > NIEM 2.1 > Import NIEM 2.1 Schema

Context Menu

In the Browser window:

Right-click Package | Specialize | NIEM | Import NIEM Schema

Right-click Package | Specialize | NIEM 2.1 | Import NIEM 2.1 Schema

Import a NIEM specific XML Schema



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Displays the name of the currently-selected Package in the Browser window, as the Package into which to import the NIEM schema.

You can verify that you are using the appropriate Package by clicking on the Browse package button and checking the 'Navigator' dialog; select a different Package if necessary.


Click on the Browse. button and browse for the directory containing the source NIEM Schema file(s). Click on each file to import, and then click on the browser Open button.

Selected File(s)

Lists the XML Schema file(s) selected for import.

Import referenced XML Schema(s)

Select this checkbox if you want to import any other XML Schema that is referenced by any of the files listed in the 'Selected File(s)' field.

Skip Schema if Namespace in Model

Select this checkbox if you want to skip importing an XML Schema if it already exists in the model.

Enterprise Architect will use the Schema namespace and name to determine if it exists in the Model.

Create Diagram for XML Schema(s)

Select this checkbox to create a Class diagram (a NIEM PIM diagram) under each imported Namespace Package.

Layout created Diagram

(Enabled only if the 'Create Diagram for XML Schema(s)' option is selected.)

Select this checkbox to automatically lay out the created Class diagram(s).


Click on this button to start the import process.

The progress of the import is reported in the 'NIEM Importer' tab of the System Output window. A message box also displays to indicate when the import is complete; click on the OK button to clear the message.

The System Output Window


Click on this button to close the 'Schema Importer' dialog.


Click on this button to display this Help page.


  • Enterprise Architect uses the schemaLocation attribute in the XSD Import and XSD Include elements of an XML Schema, to determine the dependencies between the files; this attribute must be set to a valid file path (and not a URL) for the dependent XML Schema(s) to be imported correctly
  • The 'Create Diagram for XML Schema(s)' option generates a diagram for each imported schema file, but displays the diagrams only for the schema files specifically selected by the user; it does not display the diagram for a referenced schema file
  • If you import large schema files, it is recommended that you deselect the 'Create Diagram for XML Schema(s)' option, as this considerably increases the time taken by the import