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Requirements Diagram

A Requirements diagram is a Custom diagram used to describe a system's requirements or features as a visual model. Each Requirement is defined as a Requirement element (a Custom element of type Requirement). The actual Requirement, as a text explanation, is the element name (short) or description (long) in the element properties.

Requirement elements can have relationships with other elements, such as other Requirements, Use Cases and Components, to illustrate how a requirement is satisfied by modeling and development. You can track the development arising from a specification or requirement using the Traceability window.

Example Diagram

Example Requirements Diagram

Requirements Diagram Elements

You can create Requirements diagram elements by dragging them onto the diagram from the 'Requirements' pages of the Diagram Toolbox.

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Package element

Packages are used to organize your project contents, but when added onto a diagram they can be used to depict the structure and relationships of your model.

Requirement element

A Requirement element captures the details of a system requirement.

Feature element

A Feature is a small, granular function or characteristic expressed in client-valued terms as a satisfaction of a requirement.

Object element

An Object is a particular instance of a Class at run time.

Requirements Diagram Connectors

You can create Requirements diagram connectors by dragging them onto the diagram from the 'Requirements' pages of the Diagram Toolbox.

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Aggregation connector

An Aggregation connector is a type of association that shows that an element contains or is composed of other elements.

A Generalization is used to indicate inheritance.

Association connector

An Association implies that two model elements have a relationship, usually implemented as an instance variable in one or both Classes.

A Realizes connector represents that the source object implements or Realizes its destination object

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