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Sparx Intel Service Automatic Update

When you execute the Build command for an Analyzer Script , a job is added to the Job Queue.

If the Build script has the 'Update Codeminer on Completion' checkbox ticked in the Analyzer Script Editor, an additional task is added to the job to update each of the Codeminer databases listed in the script.

The libraries can be seen in the Code Miner | Libraries section of the script.

How the Task Runs

The Code Miner update task runs the program SSCodeMiner.exe with two arguments.

The first argument specifies the database to perform the incremental build on and has this form:


The second argument is optional and specifies an auxiliary macro grammar file to use when compiling the database; it has this form:


Job Output

As the Code Miner update task runs, output from the captured SSCodeMiner.exe update process is sent to the 'Job History' tab of the System Output window, in the same form as is displayed when performing a manual update of a Code Miner database in Enterprise Architect. In this illustration we can see that the Analyzer Script RNO 160 -x64 has completed successfully.

The Job Queue window shows that the job has completed. The last task to run was the Code Miner update.

The 'Job History' tab showed that no source code files had changed. If modified source code changes are detected - that is, the Code Miner service has detected a new build of ea.cdb and automatically updated it - this information is displayed: