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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Package Contents

When you select a Storage and a Package in the 'Registry Browser', the first four tabs in the lower half of the Reusable Asset Service view are updated with information from the Package. The 'Contents' tab lists the diagrams and elements (including child Packages) held in the selected Package, listing the two types of object separately. You can organize the information within a column into alphabetical or reverse-alphabetical order for ease of reference, and use the Filter bar to filter the display to show only items with values containing specific characters or digits.


Open the Reusable Asset Service window using one of the methods outlined here.

Select a Package, then click on the 'Contents' tab, to display the contents of that Package.


Publish > Model Exchange > Reusable Assets

Review Package Contents



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Content Type

Click on this button to toggle between listing the Package diagrams first and listing the Package elements first.

Toggle Filter Bar

Right-click on the column headings and select this option to show or hide the Filter Bar on the display.

<filter bar fields>

Type in the appropriate characters to list only elements and diagrams that have that string of characters in the values in the corresponding column.

List Header

Content Type: Diagram
Content Type: Element

These are the headers for the two types of object listed in this tab.

Click on the appropriate expansion box to hide or show the list of diagrams or elements under the heading.


Displays the name of the element or diagram available in the Package.


Displays the type of the element or diagram, such as UseCase or Use Case diagram.


Displays the Global Unique Identifier of the element or diagram.

Content Type

Displays the object type of the item - Element or Diagram.

Find in Project Browser

Right-click on an element or diagram line and select this option to see if the element or diagram also exists in your model and, if it does, to highlight it in the Browser window.

View Diagram

Right-click on a diagram name and select this option to display the diagram within a labeled frame, as an image in a separate window. The image is displayed at the default zoom level for the model.

Alternatively, to view the diagram, double-click on the diagram name.


  • The 'Contents' tab will be empty for a 'Learning Center Library', 'Reference Data Library' or 'Source Code Library' type Storage

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