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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Copying Asset Storages

It is possible to copy a Storage as the basis for creating another Storage, for example if you want to use the same set of assets in the context of a larger set for a different department, work area or development phase.

Note: It is not possible to change the 'Content' of a Storage nor is it possible to change 'Status' of a 'Learning Center Library', 'Reference Data Library' or 'Source Code Library' Storage.

Copy Storages

To copy a Storage, follow these steps.



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In the 'Storage' field, select the Storage to be copied.


Click on the Save as icon. icon in the Reusable Asset Service toolbar.


If necessary, enter the Administrator password or your 'Complete Access' password and click on the OK button.

The 'Save Storage As' dialog displays.


In the 'Name' field, type a name that indicates the purpose or content of the new Storage.


If 'Model Package' is selected in the 'Content' field, then in the 'Status' field select:

  • 'Draft' if you intend to make significant changes to the content of the Storage, such as populating it with assets and/or files; you can overwrite existing Packages or files in the Storage
  • 'Complete' if the Storage is ready for use; you cannot overwrite any Packages or files in the Storage, although you can delete Packages and files and add new ones

You can modify a 'Model Package' Storage at a later time, and change this 'Status' setting (see the Change Storage Details section in this topic).


If you want to set Storage Access Passwords on this Storage, click on the checkbox against one or both password types, and provide and confirm the 'Complete Access' and/or 'Read-Only Access' passwords.


Click on the OK button.

A prompt displays for you to confirm the creation of the Storage, with the type of access you have set on the Storage.


Click on the Yes button.

A confirmation message displays; click on the OK button.

The name of the new Storage displays in the 'Storage' field.