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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Translate Page

Enterprise Architect provides a number of facilities to translate text that has been entered into the Notes window by users. To set up the parameters for translating Notes text from its current language to another, you use the 'Translations' page of the 'Manage Model Options' dialog. This page allows you to enable the Translation facility and identifies the automatic Translator tool, whether to translate text automatically and whether the translated text can be edited or not.

When you have finished configuring the Translation parameters, restart Enterprise Architect to put them into effect. You can then begin translating text as explained in the Translation Facilities and Text Translation Help topics.



Settings > Model > Options > Translate

Configure Translation Options



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Select this checkbox to enable the automatic translation facilities and open the fields for data entry. If you are restricted to performing manual translations (in the Professional Edition) or if the translation Plug-in is otherwise not installed or turned on, this checkbox is unavailable, as are the next five fields.


Select (from the drop-down list) the internet translation facility you are subscribing to, either Microsoft or Google. If you intend to only perform manual translations, select the 'Manual' option.

Text Translation

Auto translate notes

Select this checkbox if you want to translate the Notes text immediately and automatically whenever the 'Translation' tab of the Notes window is accessed. Deselect the checkbox to perform the translation only when you specifically select the 'Force Translate' option in the Notes window.

Bear in mind that your translator subscription might impose restrictions on the number or size of requested translations, so you might prefer to deselect this option until you have seen how much translation you actually perform.

Allow editing of translated notes

Select this checkbox to enable you to make changes to the translated text in the Notes window. Deselect the checkbox to block manual changes to the translated text.

If you make manual changes to the translated text, the local Notes text is protected against automatic translation but can be force-translated.

Registration tag

Type in the registration tag for the internet translator subscription (if necessary).

Registration key

Type in the registration key for the internet translator subscription.

Primary Language

Click on the drop-down arrow and select the source language, in which you normally type text into the Notes window. This is passed to the translation facility as the defined source language.

Supported Languages

Select the checkbox against each language that you want to be available for selection in the Notes window, into which to translate the text from the source language. These languages will be presented in a drop-down list on the 'Translation' tab of the Notes window.


Click on this button to save your changes, if you have finished setting project options.


  • You can perform manual translations in any Edition of Enterprise Architect; to perform automatic translations you require Pro Cloud Server release 4.1, in a Corporate, Unified or Ultimate Edition of Enterprise Architect
  • You can create a translation model to define terms (as elements) that either should not be translated or should only be translated as a specific text string; the model is checked and the element-defined terms protected before the text is passed to the translator

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