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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Stereotype Visibility

When you apply one or more stereotypes to an object, the display of that object in a diagram defaults to showing the stereotype names in a string within guillemets (« »); multiple names are separated by commas. Some stereotypes are associated with small icons that display in the top right corner of the element; these icons are built into the system, and cannot be deleted or added to. In both cases, you can modify the visibility of the text or icon stereotype indicators in a diagram, using the 'Properties' dialog for the diagram.


Display the 'Properties' dialog for the diagram, then show the 'Elements' tab or the 'Features' tab, to select the visibility of stereotypes on elements or features respectively.


Design > Diagram > Manage > Properties > select 'Elements' or 'Features' tab

Context Menu

Right-click on diagram background | Properties > select 'Elements' or 'Features' tab


Double-click diagram background > select 'Elements' or 'Features' tab

Set Stereotype Visibility Options



Show Element Stereotypes

Select this checkbox on the 'Elements' tab to show all element stereotypes and keywords in the current diagram; for example (with 'Use Stereotype' icons not selected):

A stereotyped element being shown with stereotype icons hidden.

Deselect this checkbox to hide all element stereotype names, icons and keywords.

A stereotyped element shown with stereotype display switched off.

Use Stereotype Icons

Select this checkbox on the 'Elements' tab to display icons instead of text, for those element stereotypes that have icons defined.

Stereotypes that do not have associated icons are still represented by the stereotype names; for example.

A stereotyped element being shown with stereotype icons not hidden.

The icons represent the stereotypes «server page» and «target».

Show Stereotypes

Select this checkbox on the 'Features' tab to show all attribute and operation stereotypes in the current diagram. This option does not affect the display of element stereotypes.


  • In the Browser window, the object name is preceded by the stereotype name(s) within guillemets, and multiple names are indicated by the first stereotype name followed by an ellipsis (...); you can hide the stereotype name by deselecting the Browser window 'Show Stereotypes' checkbox ('Start > Appearance > Preferences > Preferences > General')

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