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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Locate Review Elements

In order to join a review, you have to list the available Review elements and locate the appropriate one. There are a few options for doing this.

From the Reviews View


  • Select the 'Start > Collaborate > Review > Manage Reviews' ribbon option, or
  • In the Discuss & Review window, on the 'Review' tab, click on the Hamburger icon icon and select the 'Manage Reviews' option

The Reviews view displays, showing the Review elements that exist in the model grouped according to their 'Status' value, in alphabetical order.

Click on the Review you require and, in the right-hand panel, expand and explore the review for the elements in that review. The currently-selected item is displayed in the 'Review' tab of the Discuss & Review window.

Further information on the Reviews view is provided in the Manage Reviews Help topic.

Using the Hamburger icon icon you can also get information on a selected review by selecting:

  • 'Current Review Details' to display the discussion history of your current Active review, and to show the details of the elements reviewed
  • 'Find Current Review in Browser' to locate your Active Review element in the Browser window

From the Discuss & Review Window, Review Tab

The 'Review' tab is usually the point at which you begin working on a Review that you have located and joined. However, you can also use an option on this tab to locate all reviews with the status of Active, and join a selected review immediately.


  • Click on the Hamburger icon icon in the tab heading  and select the 'Join Review' menu option or
  • Right-click on the body of the display and select the 'Find Review to Join' menu option

In either case the 'Select Active Review' dialog displays, listing the Active reviews in the project.

Before you actually join a review, consider how much work you intend to do on the review, when you intend to do it, and how inconvenient it might be to locate and join the review again in a subsequent work session. If you would prefer to:

  • Automatically be joined to the review when you log in again to another work session, clear the 'Disconnect when I log out' checkbox
  • Leave the review when you log out and manually rejoin it at some later time, leave the 'Disconnect when I log out' checkbox selected

Now click on the review you want to join, and click on the Join button. The dialog closes and you are joined to the review.

From Reports

Enterprise Architect provides six reports on Review and Discussion items, which you can access from the Start Page 'Search in Project' tab.

Select the 'Discussions' option in the drop-down list in the third field, and then click on the drop-down arrow in the second field and select one of these reports:

  • Recently Discussed Elements - lists the elements that have recently been discussed in reviews
  • Recent Element Posts - lists the recent discussion comments that have been posted against elements under review
  • Review - lists the Review elements that exist in the model
  • Recently Modified Reviews - generates a list of Review elements that have been recently created or modified
  • Recently Discussed Reviews - generates a list of Review elements in which discussions have taken place
  • Open Reviews - generates a list of Review elements with the status 'Open', which can be joined for discussion

When you have located your required Review, either:

  • Click on it to display the Review in the 'Review' tab of the Discuss & Review window, or
  • Double-click on it to display the Review details in the Review view

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