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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Dictionary Panel

The 'Dictionary' panel provides options to create customized document templates, to check the spelling in the current Package or the whole model, and to create and edit entries in the Project Glossary.

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Click on this icon to display options for viewing and editing the terms defined in the Project Glossary:

  • Glossary View - display the Glossary window, listing all terms defined in the Project Glossary
  • Edit - display the 'Glossary' dialog, which provides options to add, edit, and delete glossary terms and modify the display of terms
  • Implement a Model Based Glossary - display the Create a Glossary as a Package Structure Help topic
Project Glossary View Create a Glossary as a Package Structure


Click on this icon to access the project Spell Checking facilities. A short menu displays from which you can select:

  • Spell Check Project - the 'Spell Check' dialog displays, on which you specify what model components to check
  • Spell Check Current Package - the 'Spell Check' dialog again displays, but in this context you do not have to set any parameters
  • Spelling Options - configure the spell checker using the 'Spelling Options' dialog
Select Spell Checker Options Spell Checking