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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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WebConfig - Token Allocations

The Manage Allocation button will only be visible when the current license is the Token edition. It allows the user to control how tokens are consumed to enable Pro Feature functionality.

Click on the Allocate Tokens button to access the 'Manage Allocations' screen.

The 'Manage Allocations' screen is broken up into four sections - a Summary of tokens, Explicit Allocations, Web Access Allocations, and Token Usage.


The token summary lists:

  • Total - The total number of tokens based on the active license/s
  • Explicit - The number of explicit token allocations; these refer to tokens that have been allocated to enable specific features on the server
  • Shared - The number of shared tokens available; shared tokens are consumed when users access features such as WebEA - when logging out the token is returned to the shared token pool

Explicit Allocations

This section allows you to enable Integration Plug-ins for your Pro Cloud Server. Enabling integration with a specific product (such as Jira) consumes one token.

Shared for Web Access

WebEA, Prolaborate and OSLC users consume a single token with every logon. For most environments, these allocations can be left with their default values (0 reserved and no maximum). In this case all users are accessing a single shared pool of tokens, regardless of what type of access (WebEA, Prolaborate or OSLC) they require. Alternatively, each user type can define a number of tokens that are reserved (that is, can only be used by that type of access) as well as a maximum number.


  • A Max Allowed value of 0 implies that users are NOT allowed; that is, if WebEA's Max Allowed value was set to 0, the Pro Cloud Server would deny all WebEA user requests to logon
  • An empty value for Max Allowed implies there is no limit on the number of users, although the total number of users is still limited to the number of available tokens
  • Using WebEA's 'Logout' option will immediately return the token; however, if the web browser is closed without using 'Logout' then the token will be returned after 30 minutes of inactivity

Token Usage

Click the heading to expand this section. The 'Token Usage' section displays a more detailed break down of the token allocations, including how many tokens are currently in use.

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