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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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WebConfig - Floating License Groups

In order for users to 'check-out' a floating license they must be a member of a Floating License Server Group. The definition of a Group controls which Product Licenses members of the group can 'check-out' and the period of time that the group is valid.

The Floating License Groups configuration can be accessed via the Configure Groups button on the 'Manage EA Floating Licenses' page.

See the WebConfig - Manage EA Floating Licenses Help topic for details.

The default Group configuration includes the definition of a number of Groups:

The first group shown in the example is 'admin'; each Floating License Server installation will require at least one administration group. For the purpose of allowing connections from the Floating License Server Configuration Client, admin groups cannot be assigned Products and so therefore can not be used by Enterprise Architect to obtain a license. 

'Joe Average' is an example of an expired group that can no longer be used to obtain a license. Any attempt to use this will result in a error message indicating that the specified group is not longer valid.

Note: Floating License Group Configuration was introduced in PCS version 4.2. The WebConfig Client in combination with the Pro Cloud Server can now manage the configuration of Floating License Server Groups; prior to this the Group file (ssflsgroups.config) had to be manually edited using a text editor.

Configure License Groups

The Configure Floating License Groups list provides the information and functions shown here.

User Name

The unique user name of the group.


A meaningful description for the group.


The start date for when the group will be active. If this column is empty then there are no date limitations on the group.


The end date for when the group will be active. If this column is empty then there are no date limitations on the group.

Is Admin

A green tick will be displayed if this group is defined as an Administrator.


Edit - Click on this button to edit the group.

Delete - Click on this button to delete the group.

<Add Group>

Click on this link to Add a new group.