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Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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WebEA - Properties View

The WebEA Properties View displays a context-sensitive view of a diagram, Package or element's properties. It can be toggled on or off via the Properties button, which is located in the status bar at the bottom of WebEA.

    Show/Hide Properties View button

The Properties View displays the principle property details of the object currently selected in the main content area, these being the name, type, notes, creation and modification dates, version and location details.

By default, the Properties View will also display the element Notes; however, you can select additional features to display by using the Feature Visibility button at the top right of the Properties View.

The main purpose of the Properties View is to allow users to quickly and easily see details of elements without navigating away from a diagram.

The Properties View  is also displayed while viewing the Full Properties of an object in WebEA's Main View. This allows you to access one feature of the element (such as Notes) in the Properties View while also accessing another (such as Discussions) in the Main View.

Configure Properties View

Click on the  Feature Visibility button at the top right of the Properties View to configure which features/sections are displayed in the properties view.

Clicking this button will display the 'Configure Properties View' dialog, which provides these options.



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Feature List

The feature list on the left side of the dialog includes buttons to toggle on/off each features. Items within this list can also be dragged up or down to change their order.

Note, WebEA model connections can be configured to hide/disable specific features. If a feature is disabled via the WebEA configuration then it will not be available in this list.

Hide Empty Feature Sections

When enabled this option will hide sections which do not have any content. When disabled, headings for the enabled/visible sections will be displayed even when they have not content.

Note, if a section includes the option to add content then if will still be displayed even when Hide Empty Feature Sections is enabled.

Set All Visible

Turns on the Visible setting for all features in the Feature List.

Sets All Hidden

Turns off the Visible setting for all features in the Feature List.

Restore Default Visibility

Restores the default setting (Visible On or Off) for all items in the Feature List.

Restore Default Order

Restores the default order for items in the Feature Visibility list.

Navigation Buttons

When appropriate, the Properties View will also include navigation buttons that allow you to either display the object's full properties in WebEA's Main View, or view the element/Package's children.



This can be used to navigate to the object, showing its full properties in the Main View.

If you have selected a Package or an element with children, and the 'Browser' is not currently enabled, then an additional icon is displayed. This allows you to view the object's children in the Object List/Icon view.

Navigation Element Behavior

Within Enterprise Architect it is possible to define a number of different element types that make it easier to navigate your model (such as Hyperlinks or Navigation Cells). By default, selecting one of these objects in WebEA will navigate directly to the target (instead of displaying its properties in the Properties View).

If necessary, you can change this behavior by setting the 'miniprops_navigates' option in the 'Configure WebEA models - via Text Editor' file to "false".


  • The Properties View is only visible if the screen is greater than 800 pixels wide
  • Selecting elements on a diagram while the Properties View is shown will not affect the browsing history

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