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Create New Elements on a Diagram

Models are constructed from elements, each of which has its own meaning, rules and notation. Generally, when you create a new element in your model you want to use that element on a diagram. The simplest way to do this is to create the element directly on the diagram. In this procedure, we will use a Requirement element as the example.

Create a new element on a diagram in your model



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Display the Properties window; select the 'Start > All Windows > Design > Create > Properties' ribbon option.

Also display the Diagram Toolbox; select the 'Design > Diagram > Toolbox' ribbon option.


Display the diagram on which the elements are to be created, in the Diagram View.

To open the diagram, double-click on the diagram name in the Browser window.

The diagram opens and the Toolbox is updated to display the categories of elements and relationships that are applicable to this type of diagram.

Diagram View


In this example, we must change to the Requirements Toolbox page.

First, change to the 'Requirements' Perspective.  Click on in the Toolbox window, choose 'Change Perspective', then choose 'Requirements | Requirements'.

Now, choose the Requirements Toolbox page.  Click on again and choose 'Requirements'.


Click on the appropriate icon on the Toolbox page to select the type of element to create (in this example, the Requirement element).

The element type is highlighted in the Toolbox.


Click on the diagram at the location where you want to place the element.

The new element is created as a child of the Package that contains the diagram, and is placed onto the diagram at the cursor position.

The element's initial details are displayed in the Properties window.


Use the Properties window to define the element's name and other properties it should have.

Modify Properties


Right-click on the diagram background and select the 'Save Current Changes' option.


  • You can also drag or paste existing elements onto a diagram from the Browser window
  • If you are creating several elements of one type, after creating the first just press the Shift+F3 keys or Ctrl+click to create the next element of that type
  • You can also create elements using shortcuts to the main facilities of the Toolbox, using the 'Toolbox Shortcut' menu; to display this menu press the Insert key or Spacebar, or hold the left mouse button and click the right mouse button (the 'Toolbox Shortcut' menu that is displayed corresponds to the currently selected Toolbox page)

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