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Import and Export Spreadsheets

Import and Export Spreadsheets

Introducing Import and Export Spreadsheets

This facility is a useful mechanism to import Requirements that have been defined in a Spreadsheet or a Word Processor table into Enterprise Architect. Once in Enterprise Architect the Requirements can be managed and traced to elements such as business drivers and Scenarios and Components. Alternatively Requirements in Enterprise Architect can be exported to a Spreadsheet for the purposes of providing them to a third party or for some type of numerical or statistical analysis. The mapping between fields in the Spreadsheet and the analogous properties in Enterprise Architect is completely configurable using a specification.

For more detailed information exchange, the MDG Link for Microsoft Office (available from Sparx Systems) provides additional functionality and integration points useful when dealing with complex Requirements.

Importing requirements from a CSV file into Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

Where to find Import and Export Spreadsheets

Ribbon: Publish > Model Exchange > CSV

Use of Import and Export Spreadsheets

This feature can be used to import or export Requirements from a CSV file. Before a tool such as Enterprise Architect was installed, Analysts might have used a Spreadsheet or a table in their favorite word processor to record Requirements; these can conveniently be imported using the CSV import facility. Alternatively, Requirements sometimes have to be provided to a third party who will typically specify that they want them in a Spreadsheet file; this can be achieved using the export facility.

Options to Import and Export Spreadsheets

The import and export facility is completely configurable and has a user-defined specification to facilitate the mapping of Spreadsheet fields to Requirements properties in Enterprise Architect. This facility also includes the ability to import and export fields in Tagged Values of the Requirement.

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