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Import a Rhapsody Model

If you have developed a UML model in IBM Rational Rhapsody, you can import it into an Enterprise Architect project.

Each Rhapsody project contains one Project file (with the file extension .rpy), which is associated with a folder with the same name, ending in _rpy. For example, if the Rhapsody project file is called CDPlayer.rpy, it is associated with a folder called CDPlayer_rpy.

The associated folder contains all the project-related files. It could also contain a file named filesTable.dat, which lists all the files related to the Rhapsody project.


Select your target Package in the Browser window, then use the method outlined here to open the 'Import Model from Rhapsody' dialog.


Publish > Model Exchange > Import > Rhapsody

Import UML Model from Rhapsody Project Files



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Displays the name of the currently-selected Package.

If this is not the required Package, click on the Browse package button and select the correct Package.

Rhapsody Project

Click on the Browse. button.

The 'Select Import Rhapsody Project' dialog displays.

Select a Rhapsody Project file, then click on the Open button to return to the 'Import Model From Rhapsody' dialog.

Rhapsody Files

Shows the name of the file located in the associated project folder.


Click on this button to import the Rhapsody model into Enterprise Architect.


Click on this button to abort the import and close the dialog.


Click on this button to display this Help topic.

Import Progress

Indicates the progress of the import.

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