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Add and Remove Rules

When you open the Rule Composer for a Business Task, all Business Rules currently linked to that task are already listed in the Rule Statements table. You can add further rules that are available in the Browser window, or remove a rule from the table that is no longer applicable to the task.

You do not create or delete the rules themselves in the Rule Composer.


Context Menu

Browser window or open diagram | Right-click on a Rule Task element | Rule Composer

Add a business rule to be associated with the selected Rule Task

When you add a Business Rule to the Rule Statements table, if the Business Rule element is not already on the Business Rules diagram, the element is added to the diagram. A Dependency relationship is created between the 'new' Business Rule and the selected Rule Task.

When you open the Rules Composer


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There are no rules listed

The Rule Statements table has a single empty row. Select the Business Rule in the Browser window and drag it onto this empty row.

Another empty row is automatically created underneath the first row. Drag the next Business Rule from the Browser window onto the Rule Statements table.

There are rules listed

The 'Rule Statements' table has no empty rows.

Click on the 'No' column and select the 'Add Row' context menu option; an empty row is added to the table.

Drag a Business Rule from the Browser window onto the table.

Remove a rule that is no longer required in the Rule Composer

Right-click on the appropriate 'No' field and select the 'Remove Rule' option. The rule is removed from the Rule Composer and the Dependency relationship with the Rule Task element is deleted.

The Business Rule element is not deleted from either the Business Rule diagram or the Browser window (where, in either case, it might be in use with other Rule Task elements).

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