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Service Configuration

Service program

The name of the service program is SparxintelService.exe.

Configuration File

The service is configured by the file SparxIntelService.config.

The file must be located in the same directory as the service program.

The file contains a number of directives and also lists the Code Miner databases to be served.

The file is read once when the service is started.




The Port number on which the service will listen.


Names a domain or IP address that is allowed access: 198.* or


Values can be "public", "network" or "private".

  • Use "private" when allow directives specify one or more single IP addresses
  • Use "network" when allow directives specify a wildcard domain: 198*
  • Use "public"  to allow all clients


Names the full physical file path of a Code Miner database on the server.

Running the program standalone

From a normal console enter the command:  SparxIntelService -listen

Intel Service Console

Installing as Windows Service

From an Administrative console enter the command: SparxIntelService -install