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DDL Macros

Field substitution macros provide access to data from your model. In particular, they are used to access data fields from:

  • Database objects (such as Tables and Views)
  • Columns
  • Constraints
  • Constraint Columns

Field substitution macros are named according to Camel casing. By convention, all DDL macros are prefixed with 'ddl'.

Macros that represent checkboxes or Boolean values return a string value of 'T' if the checkbox/boolean is true. Otherwise an empty string is returned.

Internal Field Macro - ddlAction

The ddlAction macro is an internal macro available in the 'Alter DDL' templates, providing direct access to Enterprise Architect's internal fields; it has no direct mapping to any stored data.

ddlAction represents the action that must be undertaken to synchronize the live database with the current repository. For example, 'Create Table', 'Drop Table' or 'Change Owner'.

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