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Execute an XSL Transformation

After you have modeled an XSL Transformation, you can execute it directly from the model diagram. You can also perform the transformation directly from the XSL Stylesheet and input files.

Execute the Transformation From the Diagram



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On the XML Transform diagram, right-click on the XML Transform Activity element and select the 'Run XSL Transformation' option.

The XSLT Debugger view displays, showing the stylesheet (.xsl) file and XML document used in the transformation.

The System Output window also displays, showing the error or success messages in the 'XSL' tab. (Press Ctrl+Shift+8 if the System Output window does not display.)

If you have set up validation of the output, the System Output window also shows the validation comments.


If you have directed the output to a file via an Output or File Artifact, press F12 to view the output.

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