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Profiling Grammar Parsing

When you parse a grammar that you have created, it might show errors that you cannot immediately diagnose. To help you resolve such errors, you can review the process that the parser followed to generate the AST you can see, using the Grammar Profiler.

You again parse the text in the bottom half of the Grammar Editor window, but this time the tree shows each rule that the parser attempted, where it got to and if it passed or not. Rules for opening a file, pasting a file and setting the starting rule remain the same.



Develop > Source Code > Grammar Editor > Grammar Debugger > Profiler Results

Toolbar Options



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Open File

Display a browser through which you can locate and open the file containing the grammar you want to edit.


Perform the parse operation. If the parse is successful, the 'AST Results' tab will contain the resulting AST, and the 'Profile Results' tab will contain debug information regarding the path that the parser took through your grammar. The profile data is extremely useful when debugging a new grammar.

Select Rule

If you want to use a different root rule for processing your sample source, click on the drop-down arrow and select the alternative rule.


Display this Help topic.


  • Because profiling can take a very long time for large files, the 'Profile Results' tab is not filled if you are not displaying that tab when you begin parsing

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