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Select a Schema Profile



Develop > Schema Modeling > Schema Composer > Find Schema Composer Profiles

Develop > Schema Modeling > Schema Composer (icon)

Locating Schema Profiles in the Model

Schema profiles can be located quickly from the Schema Composer drop-down menu in the ribbon. The menu provides quick access to the existing profiles in the model.

Finding Schema Composer Proflies using Model Search

Locating Schema Profiles in the Schema Composer

Schema profiles can stored in either the model and file system. You can easily locate every profile by authored in your model by opening the Schema Composer and clicking the select profile button (the button with the ellipsis '...') This brings up a list of all the profiles for this model and indicates where they live; the model or the file system. You might have many Enterprise Architect models that you work with, but only those file system profiles that relate to the open model will be listed.

Selecting an existing profile in the Schema Composer