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Verification and Validation

Enterprise Architect has a full feature set for verification and validation. Broadly verification is best described as 'has the correct system been built' and validation as 'has the system been built correctly'. The models that the systems engineer creates in Enterprise Architect can be used to verify that the correct system is being built using the traceability features including diagrams the traceability window and the element matrix.

An engineer can use a  requirements diagram to express the relationship between Requirements and test cases effectively verifying that the requirements a met by the system.

Modelers can use the traceability window to find and visualize connections between elements. The window is particularly useful for understanding analyzing and verifying that the system's requirements have been implemented by some part of the built system.

A system engineer or project manager can use the matrix window with its tabular view to quickly understand and verify if the system's requirements have been linked to the parts of the system. Colored bands indicate

Enterprise Architect also has a large feature set for specifying tests and recording the results. Enterprise Architect is not only a Systems and Software Modeling environment, it is also a complete Test Management environment. Using Enterprise Architect you can create and manage test scripts for model elements, developing unit, integration, scenario, system, acceptance and inspection tests; these can include test cases generated from xUnit testing and Testpoint Management. Validation and testing teams can also record the test results using the test windows.

You can also import or move tests from other elements, generate them from scenarios, and generate test documentation and reports; you can indicate the presence of tests on an element by displaying test information in a compartment of the element in a diagram, which in turn can be included in documentation and browser based views of the elements.