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Built-In Diagram Types

In customizing Enterprise Architect to better suit your needs, you might create a Profile that:

  • Redefines the type of built-in child diagram created under a new composite element
  • Defines the types of built-in diagram on which a Quick Linker menu offers a type of connector, or
  • Extends a built-in diagram type to create a custom diagram type

In each case, you provide the precise name of each built-in diagram type you are working with; these names are:

  • Activity
  • Analysis
  • Collaboration
  • Component
  • CompositeStructure
  • Custom
  • Deployment
  • InteractionOverview
  • Logical (for Class diagrams)
  • Object
  • Package
  • Sequence
  • Statechart
  • Timing
  • Use Case (note the space between the two words)

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