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Define Stereotype Tagged Values

You can define additional meta-information for a stereotype by adding various types of Tagged Value, which you identify as attributes of the Stereotype element. The simplest Tagged Values are those for which you type plain text into the 'Value' field.

For more complex Tagged Values, such as enumerations and Structured Tagged Values, see these topics:

  • Add An Enumeration to a Stereotype
  • Define a Structured Tagged Value
  • Define Stereotype Tags with Predefined Tag Types


Display the 'Attributes' page of the Features window, using one of the methods outlined here.


Design > Element > Editors > Features > Attributes

Context Menu

In the Browser window or a diagram | Right-click on element | Features | Attributes

Keyboard Shortcuts

F9 or Ctrl+5 > Attributes

Define Tagged Values for a Stereotype element



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Overtype the New Attribute text with the name of the new attribute/tag.


Defaults to int. If necessary, click on the drop-down arrow and select a different attribute type.


Defaults to Private. If necessary, click on the drop-down arrow and select a different scope value.


If an attribute stereotype is required, click on the Browse. icon and search for and/or select a stereotype from the 'Stereotype Selector' dialog.

Stereotype Selector


If necessary, type in an alias for the attribute/tag.

Initial Value

(Optional.) Type the initial value of the attribute/tag.

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