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Add Property Slots to Instance

A classifier element can have a range of characteristics that are automatically applied to an instance based on that classifier. You can also, optionally, add any Property elements (Ports, Parts and Expose Interfaces) on the classifier to the instance, as 'slots' for the definition of each Property. This provides some flexibility in creating variations of the design defined in the classifier. For example, models of car might have doors of the same specification, but in a two-door or four-door configuration.

Add classifier Property elements to an instance



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Create and save the classifier element with the configuration of Property elements you need.

Part Port Expose Interface


Create or assign an instance of the classifier on your work diagram.

Classifiers and Instances


Right-click on the instance and select the 'Features' option.

The Features window displays at the 'Parts / Properties' tab, listing the Property elements defined for the classifier.

Manage Structural Elements


Select the checkbox against each Property to reproduce in the instance element, and click on the Close button.

Each Property element is shown in the top left of the instance; drag the elements into the arrangement you want. The Property element name within the instance is prefixed with a / character.