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Performance Considerations

Auditing is a tool for determining who made changes to the model and when the changes were made. When auditing has been enabled, every time a change is made to the model the Enterprise Architect auditing engine records the change. These changes will naturally, as for any transaction system, take some to be written to the audit log. When the logs are small this write time will be imperceptible but when the logs grow in size the time taken to write to the log will increase and could delay the saving of changes. The tool provides a number of ways to reduce theses delays in saving changes. The delays can be experienced in two different parts of the auditing process:

  • When making changes to the repository - As described earlier, saving model changes could be delayed, affecting you or any other user who is updating an aspect of the model that is being audited; for example, a change to an element's name, changing the position of an object on a diagram or - if configured - the creation of tables or code classes resulting from reverse engineering a database or code package, will all result in a write to the audit logs
  • When accessing the Audit View - The Audit View that is typically accessed by a Librarian or Administrator can become slow due to the volume of audit records that have to be sorted and displayed

The performance of both these aspects of the auditing process is discussed in these topics:

  • Auditing Performance
  • Audit View Performance