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Generate RuleFlow Diagram

When you create a scenario on an element and then generate a RuleFlow diagram, a Rule Flow Activity is created as a child of the selected element, to act as a container for the diagram.

  • The scenario steps are modeled as RuleTasks
  • The values of the 'Uses', 'Results' and 'State' columns are added as Tagged Values of the RuleTasks


On a diagram or in the Browser window, select an element and use one of these access paths to display the Scenarios view, then click on Scenario Generation Dialog and select 'RuleFlow'.


Start > Application > Design > Structured Scenarios

Context Menu

Inspector window > Details | Right-click on 'Scenarios' | New Scenario

Inspector window > Details | Scenarios | right-click on existing scenario | Structured Scenario Editor

Keyboard Shortcuts

Alt+2 > Responsibilities > Structured Scenarios


On the 'Scenarios' tab of the Responsibility window, click on the Edit button against a scenario (see the Scenarios Tab - Responsibility Window Help topic)

On the 'Scenarios' tab of the element 'Properties' dialog, click on the Structure Editor button (see the Scenarios Tab - Properties Dialog Help topic)

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