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Manually Locating Model Branch Files

When importing a Model Branch File from Version Control, you might not have the associated Version Control configuration saved in the model that is receiving the import. In this situation, it is simpler to manually browse the file system to locate the Model Branch File (.eab) and let Enterprise Architect derive the details of the configuration from the branch file you select.


Before you begin, you must have:

  • An operational Version Control environment that can be accessed by Enterprise Architect, and
  • All of the Version Controlled Package files and the model branch file associated with the model branch to import, in a valid and accessible working copy folder


Context Menu

Right-click on target Package for import > Package Control > Import a Model Branch : Find a Model Branch (.EAB) file

Locate the Model Branch File



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Access the 'Import VC Model Branch' dialog, then browse for and select the Model Branch File that represents the model branch to import.

Import Controlled Model Branch


Click on the Open button.

If the Version Control configuration referenced by the file is fully defined within the current model, the import commences at this point.

Otherwise, Enterprise Architect displays a dialog prompting you to complete the required configuration.


Click 'Yes' to proceed with completing the definition of the Version Control configuration.

The 'Version Control Settings' dialog is displayed.

Version Control Settings


Complete the definition of the configuration.

(Typically this involves simply specifying the working copy folder.)


Click on the Save button.

The configuration details are saved.

The import of the model branch proceeds.


  • The Import a Model Branch command is only enabled for Packages that you (the current user) are able to edit, as the imported model branch is inserted into the model under your selected Package

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