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Move Elements Between Diagrams

If an element is present in one diagram but actually belongs in another, you can simply move the element from the first diagram into the second. You can also cut multiple elements from one diagram and paste them into another. When you cut elements from a diagram, the elements are held on the clipboard but are not cleared from the source diagram until they are specifically pasted into the target diagram. A moved element is not affected in any other way.


Open the diagrams:

  • Containing the element(s) to be moved, and
  • Into which the elements(s) will be moved

Keyboard Shortcuts

With the element selected in the source diagram:

  • Ctrl+X

With the cursor in the target diagram:

  • Ctrl+V or Shift+Insert


Display the 'Default Tools' Toolbar (Explore > Portals > Show Toolbar > Default Tools) and:

  • On the source diagram, click on the element to be moved and on the Scissors icon in the Toolbar
  • Click on the target diagram and on the Paste element icon icon in the Toolbar


  • By selecting more than one element at a time, you can move multiple elements in the same operation