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Add New Diagrams

Enterprise Architect provides a number of ways in which to create a new UML diagram, Extended diagram or MDG Technology diagram in your model. The principal method is to select the Package or element under which to create the diagram and select a menu option to add it, as explained here.

Add a New Diagram to the Model



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In the Browser window, click on the Package or element under which to place the diagram.



  • In the Browser window header bar, click on the Add diagram. button, or
  • Right-click on the object to open the context menu and select the 'Add Diagram' (Package) or 'Add | Add Diagram' (element) option, or
  • Press the Insert key and select the 'Add Diagram' menu option

The 'New Diagram' dialog displays.


The 'Package' field defaults to the name of the Package selected in the Browser window or, if the parent is an element, the name of the Package containing that element.

If you are adding a diagram directly to a Package and notice that it is not the correct Package, click on the Browse package button and browse for the correct Package.

(The Browse package button is disabled when you are creating a diagram under an element, and the 'Parent' field shows the name of the element under which you are creating the diagram.)


The 'Diagram' field defaults to the name of the selected Package or element; if necessary, type a different name for the new diagram.


Click on the <perspective name> button underneath the 'Type' header, and select the Perspective Group and Perspective most appropriate to the area you are working in. If you want to examine diagram types across the model from any Perspective, click on the button and select 'All'.

The panel underneath the header displays a list of diagram groups; click on the required group.

When you initially open the 'New Diagram' dialog, the Perspective name on the button is the Perspective shown in the Choose perspective button.<perspective name> icon at the top right of the application screen. Changing the Perspective in the 'New Diagram' dialog does not change the 'global' perspective on the icon. If you want to re-set the 'New Diagram' dialog Perspective to the global Perspective, simply click on the <perspective name> button and select 'Active'.

UML Diagrams


In the 'Diagram Types' panel, click on the type of diagram to create and, where listed, the view to create. The view is a refinement of the type to further tailor the diagram to a purpose, and restricts the elements and connectors provided in the Toolbox pages to those appropriate to the purpose.

A description of the selected diagram type displays in the field underneath this pane.


Click on the OK button to create your new diagram.

Set Up Templates Package


  • In the Corporate, Unified and Ultimate Editions of Enterprise Architect, if security is enabled you must have 'Manage Diagrams' permission to create new diagrams
  • The diagram type determines the default Toolbox pages associated with the diagram and whether the diagram can be moved as a child of another element in the Browser window (for example, a Sequence diagram under a Use Case)

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