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Compare an Asset to the Model

If you are developing a Package in your model against a standard structure, or using common elements from the Reusable Asset Service, you can check that your model conforms to the standard or incorporates any changes to the common elements, by performing a comparison between the Asset Package and your model.


Open the Reusable Asset Service view using one of the methods outlined here.

Select a Package, then right-click on the Package and choose 'Compare with Package in Model'.


Publish > Model Exchange > Reusable Assets

Compare Asset Package and Model

A prompt displays for you to confirm the comparison. Click on the Yes button.

The Baseline Comparison view displays, showing the element hierarchy in which differences have been detected between the Package in the model and the asset Package in the Registry (as the Baseline).

All facilities of the standard Baseline Comparison are available, including the ability to 'roll back' differences so that the element or Package in the model matches the Registry.


  • If the Storage is password-protected, the system prompts you to enter a password before you begin comparing information in the Storage and in the model; in this case you require either a Read-Only or a Complete Access password

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