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Storage Files

The 'Storage Files' tab of the Reusable Asset Service view simply lists the files that have been uploaded to the specified Storage. The files can be of any type, uploaded from any directory on any system connected to the registry. Typically they would be document or graphics files that provide standards, guidelines or design information on a model structure. The tab displays the file name and extension, and a comment on the nature or purpose of the file.

Files held in the Registry are compressed, so to view the contents you download them onto your local system.


Open the Reusable Asset Service window using one of the methods outlined here.

Select a Package, then click on the 'Storage Files' tab to display a list of files associated with the Package, that are available for download.


Publish > Model Exchange > Reusable Assets

Review files in Model Package type Storage

On the 'Storage Files' tab, check the 'Comments' field against each file that interests you.

To view the contents of a file, right-click on the file name and select the 'Import From Registry' option. The 'Save As' browser displays, through which you select the directory into which to copy the file.

Click on the Open button. The file is copied into the selected location, from which you can open it.


  • If the Storage is password-protected, the system prompts you to enter a password before you begin importing a file from the Storage; in this case you require either a 'Read-Only' or a 'Complete Access' password

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