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When you select a Storage in the Reusable Asset Service, the 'Registry Browser' tab immediately displays a list of the Packages registered in that Storage. You can review and use these Packages using the context menu and buttons on the tab.

You can review the properties and contents of the selected Package in the Storage, and access any files in the Storage, using the tabs in the lower half of the Reusable Asset Service view, underneath the 'Registry Browser' tab.

If you have left the Registry Browser open for a while and there is a possibility that the Registry has been changed, you can click on the RAS refresh icon. icon in the Reusable Asset Service toolbar to refresh the Browser with the latest contents of the Registry.



Publish > Model Exchange > Reusable Assets > Registry Browser

Review Assets



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Toggle Filter Bar

Right-click on the column headings and select this option to show or hide the Filter Bar on the display.

(filter bar fields)

Type in the appropriate characters to list only Packages that have that string of characters in the values in the corresponding column.

List Header


This column shows the name of the Packages held in the selected Storage.


This column defaults to the most recent version of each Package held in the selected Storage.

You can click on the drop-down arrow at the end of a field and select a different version of the corresponding Package, if any have been registered.

Last Registered

This column shows the date and time at which the currently-listed version of each Package was registered.

Registered By

This column shows the user name of the person who registered the currently-listed version of each Package.


Click on a Package name and click on this button to begin to import either the Package alone or the Package and its dependent structures into your model.

You can perform the same action by right-clicking on the Package name and selecting the 'Import from Registry' menu option.

If the Package from the Registry already exists in your model, it is deleted and replaced by this import.

For a:

  • 'Learning Center Library' Storage, the 'Download Library' dialog displays
  • 'Reference Data Library' Storage, the 'Import Reference Data' dialog displays
  • 'Source Code Library' Storage, the 'Save As' dialog displays
Import Reference Data Import an Asset into the Model

Compare with Package in Model

If you have previously imported a Package from the Registry into your model, you can right-click on the Package name in the 'Registry Browser' tab and select this option to compare the imported Package with the Registry version, and show any differences.

The system automatically selects the model Package from the Browser window.

Compare an Asset to the Model

Find in Project Browser

If you have previously imported a Package from the Registry into your model, you can right-click on the Package name in the Registry Browser and select this option to highlight the corresponding Package in the Browser window.


  • Some of the other options available on the Registry Browser are used to set up assets in the Registry
  • If the Storage is password-protected, a prompt for you to enter a password displays when you select to perform an operation on the data; in this situation, you need the 'Read-only' password to process the information from the Storage, and the 'All-access' password to change the information in the Storage
  • The 'Registry Browser' tab will be empty for a 'Learning Center Library', 'Reference Data Library' or 'Source Code Library' type Storage - the contents of these types of Storage will be available in the 'Storage Files' tab of the Reusable Asset Service view

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