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Change Storage Details

After you have set up a Storage, you can update it at a later stage to:

  • Change the status of a 'Model Package' Storage
  • Change one or both of the existing 'Complete Access' and 'Read-Only' Access passwords
  • Delete one or both of the passwords

Note: there are restrictions in that:

  • It is not possible to add a password where one has not previously been set.
  • You cannot change or delete passwords unless you have the 'Complete Access' password yourself.
  • It is not possible to change the 'Content' of a Storage nor is it possible to change 'Status' of a 'Learning Center Library', 'Reference Data Library' or 'Source Code Library' Storage.




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On the Reusable Asset Service view, in the 'Storage' field click on the drop-down arrow and select the Storage to update.


Click on the Modify storage access icon. icon in the Reusable Asset Service view toolbar.


If necessary, enter the Administrator password or your 'Complete Access' password and click on the OK button.

The 'Modify Storage Access' dialog displays.


If 'Model Package' is selected in the 'Content' field, then in the 'Status' field select:

  • 'Complete' if the Storage has now been set up and is ready for use; you cannot overwrite any Packages or files in the Storage, although you can delete them and add new Packages and files
  • 'Draft' if you intend to make significant changes to the content of the Storage; you can overwrite existing Packages or files


The 'Action' field defaults to 'None', to indicate no changes to the passwords. If you are changing or deleting the passwords, click on the drop-down field and select:

  • 'Change Password' to enable both password type fields ready for editing
  • 'Remove Storage Access Password' to simply delete the 'Complete Access' password altogether
  • 'Remove Read-Only Access Password' to simply delete the 'Read-Only Access' password altogether


If you have selected the 'Change Password' option, select the appropriate password checkbox or both checkboxes, and type in the new password(s). Re-type the password(s) in the 'Confirm Password' field(s).


Click on the OK button to save your changes and close the 'Modify Storage Access' dialog.