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Import an Asset into the Model

The Reusable Asset Service provides common or standard information and data that you can import into your local model. The unit that you import is a selected version of the Asset Package; you can also, optionally, import:

  • Other Packages on which the selected Asset Package depends, and/or
  • Available Technologies that support full use of the model structures in the Asset Package

The Asset Package (with, if selected, any needed Packages) is imported into the currently-selected model Package in the Browser window, unless the Asset Package already exists anywhere else in the Project. In this case, the system locates the existing Package and overwrites it with the imported Asset Package.


Open the Reusable Asset Service window, using one of the methods outlined here.

On the 'Registry Browser' tab, either;

  • Select an Asset Package and click on the Import button, or
  • Right-click on an Asset Package and select the 'Import from Registry' option


Publish > Model Exchange > Reusable Assets

Import Asset Package

Before selecting an Asset Package to import into your model, click on the 'Version' drop-down arrow and select the appropriate version of the Package to import.

When you select to import an Asset Package into your model, a short menu displays from which you select to import:

  • The Package alone or
  • The Package with the related Packages on which it is dependent

A prompt then displays for you to confirm the import, and to warn you that if the Package already exists in the model, it will be overwritten by the import. Click on the Yes button to continue, or the No button to cancel the import.

If the Storage is password protected, after you confirm the import a prompt displays for your 'Read-Only' or 'Complete-Access' password; enter this and click on the OK button.

The 'Import from Registry' dialog displays, followed by confirmation that the import of the Package or Packages is complete. Click on the OK button.

If the Package depends on Technologies

If the Technologies associated with an Asset Package are not already on your system and/or enabled in your model, during the display of the 'Import from Registry' dialog the 'Import Technology From Registry' dialog also displays. Process this dialog as described.



See also


Displays the name of the Technology as recorded in the Registry.

The checkbox against each name is selected by default. If you want to import one technology but not another, deselect the checkbox of the technology to ignore.


Displays the required version of the Technology to support the Asset Package, available through the Registry.

Registry Status

Indicates whether the Technology file is:

  • Available - the Technology file is registered in the current Storage, or
  • Unavailable - for one of these reasons:
         -  The Technology file is not registered in the Storage, or
         -  The Technology is a built-in Technology and is already integrated with your system, or must
             be purchased under license, or
         -  The Technology is available from a URL and can be downloaded from that URL
Access Remote MDG Technologies

Model Status

Indicates whether the Technology is already in your model and disabled.

(If the Technology is in your model and enabled, there is no need to import it and it is not listed in the dialog.)


Click on this button to import and/or enable the selected Technology or Technologies in your system.

A status message displays to indicate that the Package and Technologies have been imported and the Technologies enabled. You might have to restart Enterprise Architect for the Technologies to take full effect.

Click on the OK button to clear the message.

In the Browser window, the Package has been added to the model with (if selected) the Packages on which it is dependent.


  • You can also import Technologies separately from the Package that is dependent on them, using the 'Technology' tab of the Reusable Asset Service view
  • 'Learning Center Library', 'Reference Data Library' and 'Source Code Library' type Storages do not contain any Asset Packages

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