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Register Assets

After you have set up your Storages in the Reusable Asset Service Registry, you can register assets in them. The assets include:

  • Packages of modeling structures of your model, shown in the Browser window; these Packages can include diagrams and subordinate Packages
  • Any Packages containing model components on which the primary Asset Packages depend
  • Any MDG Technologies that you used in developing the Asset Packages, and that you decide to register with the Packages
  • Any text or graphics files you want to make available to your corporate community; these files are compressed before being added to the Storage

You register the first three items together. You can register files in the Storage during that same process, or separately.

You can register separate versions of the same Package. If you register a Package that already exists in the Registry under the same version reference, and the Storage has 'Draft' status, the existing version is overwritten. If you register the same Package with a different version number or reference, it is registered separately and users can access both versions of the Package from the Registry.

'Learning Center Library', 'Reference Data Library' and 'Source Code Library' type Storages cannot contain Packages of modeling structures - they can contain only Library files, which will appear in the 'Storage Files' tab. A Library file is:

  • A zipped file containing Enterprise Architect-specific Learning Center files for the 'Learning Center Library' Storage type
  • An XML file containing Enterprise Architect-specific reference data XML files for the 'Reference Data Library' Storage type
  • A zipped file containing source code files for the 'Source Code Library' Storage type

Once registered, the Library file will be available in the 'Storage Files' tab of the Reusable Asset Service view.



Publish > Model Exchange > Reusable Assets

Storage Types



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