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Search Registry

After you have set up your Storages in the Reusable Asset Service Registry and registered Asset Packages in them, you can search the Registry to locate modeling items such as Packages, elements and diagrams using their names or Global Unique Identifiers (GUIDs).



Publish > Model Exchange > Reusable Assets

Search Registry for Asset Package Contents



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Click on the icon in the Reusable Asset Service toolbar.

The 'Search Registry' dialog displays.


In the 'Property' field, select:

  • 'GUID' if you intend to search the Registry for a modeling item based on its Global Unique Identifier
  • 'Name' if you intend to search the Registry for a modeling item based on its name


In the 'Term' field, type in the GUID or name of the modeling item.

Note the interpretation of this field is case-sensitive.


In the 'Item' section, select the modeling item to search for; that is, Package, element and/or diagram.


Click on the Search button to search the Registry for the selected modeling item(s) and to display the results, if any, in the 'Results' section.


The 'Results' section displays the results of the search, showing these details:

  • Storage - the name of the Storage in the Registry that has the modeling item
  • Owner - the name of the Asset Package that contains the modeling item
  • Name - the name of the modeling item
  • Type - the Enterprise Architect type of the modeling item
  • GUID - the Global Unique Identifier of the modeling item

Notes :

  • The search results will be grouped by modeling item
  • The group Nested Package represents all those Packages (that satisfy the search criteria and) that are a part of another registered Package


Select an entry in the 'Results' section and click on the OK button to open the Storage (containing the modeling item) in the Registry Browser and close this dialog.

You will be prompted for a password if the Storage is password protected; enter the 'Complete Access' or 'Read-Only Access' password and click on the OK button to view the Storage contents.

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