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Set Up the Asset Service

The process of setting up assets and files in the Reusable Asset Service has a number of simple stages, typically:

  • Identify the Registry
  • Create the Storages, including copying an existing Storage as a template for a new one
  • Set password protection on each Storage
  • Register the Asset Packages and Storage Files, and update them as necessary


As a Reusable Asset Service is stored in a Pro Cloud Server repository, there must be a Pro Cloud Server (PCS) operating and a repository configured and enabled on this PCS.



Publish > Model Exchange > Reusable Assets

Identify the Repository

A Reusable Asset Registry is contained in a PCS based repository that is typically configured by a System Administrator. If you have access to an existing PCS repository then the connection details for that can used for creating Reusable Asset Storage. Otherwise, if a new repository needs to be created by a System Administrator, they will provide the repository connection details for you to use.



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If a new repository is required, then the System Administrator creates a PCS based Repository to act as the Reusable Asset Registry and then provides you with the connection details like server and model name.

If a PCS repository already exists and you have access to it, then proceed to step 2.

Creating a Cloud Repository


In the Reusable Asset Service view, click on the Browse. button to the right of the 'Registry' field.

The 'Cloud Connection' dialog displays.

In the Cloud Connection dialog, type in the connection details of the PCS repository:


Click on the OK button.

The 'Registry' field now shows the Cloud Connection name.

Connecting Enterprise Architect to a Cloud Model


If required for security, set up a Registry Password.

Set Up Registry Password

Toolbar Options



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New icon.

Option for creating a new storage as a container within the Registry for holding related assets and files. 

Creating Asset Storages
Save as icon.

Used for copying a Storage as the basis for creating another Storage.

Change Storage Details

Option for updating the Storage details.

Change Storage Details
Delete icon

Option for deleting a storage's entire contents.

Delete a Storage

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