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Retrieve Prior Revision - SCC Client

Depending on your Version Control product, retrieving a prior revision of a controlled Package can involve a number of prompts regarding overwriting the current local copy.

This example details retrieval of a prior revision from a TFS-SCC Version Control configuration.


Context Menu

Right-click on Package > Package Control > File History

Example Procedure - retrieve prior revision, TFS-SCC client



See also


Display the 'TFS File History' dialog.

Review Package History - SCC Client


Click on the Get button.

The TFS-SCC client displays the 'Resolve Conflicts' dialog.

This dialog offers the 'Automerge All XML Package files' option. DO NOT select this option.

It is important to prevent any merging of Enterprise Architect's XML Package files.


Click on the Resolve button.

The TFS-SCC client displays the 'Resolve writeable file conflict' dialog.


Select the 'Overwrite local file/folder' option.

The existing working copy of the Package file is overwritten by the prior revision retrieved from Version Control.


Click the OK button.

The TFS-SCC client redisplays the 'Resolve writeable file conflict' dialog; it should now show no conflicts.


Click on the Close button.

The TFS-SCC client redisplays the 'File History' dialog.


Click on the Close button.

Enterprise Architect displays a prompt, asking whether to check-out the prior revision.


Click on the:

  • Yes button to check-out the prior revision
  • No button to retrieve a read-only version of the Package, that is NOT checked-out and is NOT editable