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Scenarios View - Constraints

The Scenarios View 'Constraints' tab is a simple link to the 'Constraints' tab of the element's 'Properties' dialog. It lists existing constraints; if you select the toolbar icons or context menu options to add or edit a constraint, control switches to the 'Properties' dialog 'Constraints' page.


On a diagram or in the Browser window, click on the element and select one of these access methods to display the Scenarios View, then click on the 'Constraints' tab.


Start > Application > Edit > Responsibilities > Structured Scenarios

Context Menu

Inspector window > Details | Right-click on 'Scenarios' | New Scenario

Inspector window > Details | Scenarios | right-click on existing scenario | Structured Scenario Editor

Keyboard Shortcuts

Alt+2 > Responsibilities > Structured Scenarios


On the 'Scenarios' tab of the Responsibility window, click on the Edit button against a scenario (see the Scenarios Tab - Responsibility Window Help topic)

On the 'Scenarios' tab of the element 'Properties' dialog, click on the Structure Editor button (see the Scenarios Tab - Properties Dialog Help topic)

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