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Select Specification Type

When you start to use the Specification Manager you can work on elements of all types in the Package (the default) or identify a specific type of element to work on. You can select any type of element supported by Enterprise Architect or the MDG Technologies that are integrated with the system.

If you specify the element type first, when you go on to locate the Package to work in, the system automatically filters for Packages that already contain that type of element.



Specification-Specify > Element > Element Type

Specification-Specify > Element > Element Type > Limit Display to Selected Type

Select the element type

Click on either:

  • 'Other', and expand the technologies and element groups until you can click on a specific element type to filter for, or
  • An element type from the list of recently used types (if you have not previously selected a specific element, or you have cleared the list, this list is not available)

Also check that the 'Limit Display to Selected Type' option is selected.

To revert to listing any type of element in the Package, click on either the:

  • '<Any>' option or
  • 'Limit Display to Selected Type' option again to deselect it

The list of recently used types (after the 'Other' option) accumulates entries as you focus on elements of different specific types. This helps you cycle through work on elements of a small group of types.

If the list is no longer relevant to your work (for example, you have moved on to a different module or stage of development) you can clear the list by selecting the 'Clear Recent Items' option, and start to accumulate a different set of frequently used element types.

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