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Verify the CVS Workspace

After creating the CVS local working copy to hold the working copies of your Package files, you can verify that it functions correctly before attempting to use it with Enterprise Architect. You need to be able to add files to CVS, and commit changes to those files. You also need to be able to register as an editor of the file and retrieve the list of currently registered editors.

Verify correct operation of a CVS working copy folder



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Use Windows to open a command prompt window.


Select the directory you specified as the working copy in the cvs checkout command, when preparing the CVS workspace. For example:

     C:\> cd myCVSWorkSpace


Create a test file, such as Test.txt, containing the text CVS Test. For example:

     C:\> echo CVS Test > Test.txt


Execute these CVS commands:

  • cvs add Test.txt
  • cvs commit -m"Commit comment" Test.txt
  • cvs update Test.txt
  • cvs edit Test.txt
  • cvs editors Test.txt

The commands should execute without any errors and without prompting the user for any extra input.

The editors command should produce output that resembles this:

     Test1.txt myUserID Tue Aug 9 10:08:43 2009 GMT myComputer



Take note of the userID that follows the filename.

Enterprise Architect must find and use this user ID when you create your Version Control configuration.

CVS Settings


  • Your environment must be set up such that you can perform these operations without ever being prompted for input, such as user ID or password