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Support for AUTOSAR Data Types

You can define different data types for use in developing AUTOSAR diagrams within Enterprise Architect. These data types are supported:

  • Generic Base Types
  • Data Types
         -  Values
         -  Arrays
         -  Data Structures
  • Port Type Definition

Typically, such data type definitions are stored in a global library inside the Enterprise Architect model. For Component Interfaces it is also possible to store these elements together with the AUTOSAR components - for example, in a structural elements folder as part of an abstraction level Package structure, as illustrated by this diagram.

Generic Base Types

In AUTOSAR, generic base types are used to define base primitive data types such as 'int' and 'double', as illustrated in this diagram:

Data Types

AUTOSAR Data Types are elements commonly used to specify Values, Data Structures and Arrays. The Data Type element has a set of Tagged Values in which you define additional properties. We recommend that you have the Properties window open so that you can expand the AUTOSAR segment and easily access the Tagged Values of the element.

  • Values are modeled using an AUTOSAR Data Type element with the 'Category' Tagged Value set to 'Value'; this diagram shows a Value definition - the Value 'UInt8' has an AUTOSAR Usage dependency to an AUTOSAR base-type to specify that the value is based on a 'uint8' SW-BASE-TYPE
  • Data Structures - Data Structures are modeled using an AUTOSAR Data Type element with the 'Category' Tagged Value set to 'Structure'; elements of the structure are modeled as AUTOSAR Data elements (instances of AUTOSAR Data Type elements), as illustrated in this diagram:
  • Arrays are modeled using an AUTOSAR Data Type element with the 'Category' Tagged Value set to 'Array'; to specify which kind of data type the array elements have, an instance of an AUTOSAR Data Type element (an AUTOSAR Data element) is embedded in the Data Type element, and the array size is specified by the 'Multiplicity' setting of the embedded Data element - this example shows how an Array with size 8 of type UInt8 is defined:

Port Type Definition

Port type definitions are modeled with Interface elements (provided by the AUTOSAR Data Modeling Toolbox page). For each AUTOSAR Port type a matching Interface element is defined. This diagram shows how a Sender-Receiver Port type and a Client-Server Port type are defined with AUTOSAR.

  • For Client-Server Interfaces, use the Enterprise Architect functionality to define Operations
  • For Sender-Receiver Interfaces, define the Data elements explicitly and create Part Association Connectors (black diamond head) to specify that the data elements are part of the Sender-Receiver interface

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