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Example 1 - Bind Input Data to Business Knowledge Model

A full example can be created with a Model Pattern (in the ribbon, select 'Simulate > Decision Analysis > DMN > Apply Perspective > DMN Decision > Decision With BKM : Create Model(s)').

An example of Binding Data input to a DMN BKM using Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

In this example, Input Data Applicant Data is typed to Applicant data Definition, which has three components.

The Business Knowledge Model Application risk score model is implemented as a Decision Table with three inputs and one output.

The Decision Application risk score is implemented as an Invocation to bind the Input Data's 'leaf' components to the BKM's parameters.

In order to make the binding easier, Auto-Completion is supported for the binding expression.

The full modeling and simulation instructions are available in the Pattern's documentation.